Instructional Design… so far

Well first, this process can be very time consuming. You cannot just jump into it and create a well-organized and thoughtful presentation in a day! So much thought and understanding the fundamentals of design has to occur first before someone can begin to design instruction. I remember when I was in college, it would take me about 3 hours to design a lesson plan, but by the end of my first year teaching, I could do it in a about 30 minutes or less. I imagine that learning instructional design is about the same. Right now, it is taking time to complete the analysis and the design documents, but I imagine over time, I will become more and more proficient in this area.

I also realized that I am constantly thinking about my audience. Since I know my peers pretty well, I know how they like to learn and how to use their time efficiently. I also think about myself, would I be bored sitting through this training? If yes, then I need to make some changes. I would be nervous if I had to design something for an audience that I was not familiar with. I think an important part of instructional design is understanding who you are working for and their preferences.

Overall, I feel pretty confident in this project. I have really enjoyed working with my client and understanding what he does. I would love to consider instructional design as a career down the road, so this process has been so helpful for me to fully understand instructional design. I love the creative aspect of designing lessons. That is one aspect of my job that I currently love, so it translates well into instructional design. Essentially, I design instruction all day, but it looks a little different when the audience is adults vs. seventh graders.

Thinking about instructional design has left me with an unanswered question. When designing a lesson for my students, I adhere to the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) standards. From those standards, I am able to create objectives and learning goals for my students. Are there any sort of standardized objectives or standards in instructional design or does it vary depending on what you are designing? For this project, I created my own objectives, but I wonder if I should have seen or looked at any overarching technology objectives. This question has been floating around in my mind, but I am sure it will be answered as I continue to study instructional design.


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