Method of Loci and Project A Reflection

Method of Loci

This was a challenging activity for me. I have such a hard time memorizing things, and I am pretty forgetful, so I’ve learned throughout the years to take notes, use calendars and make lists. I haven’t had to memorize long speeches since I was in middle or high school. I do memorize long passages of scripture, but I build it up week by week. I also use a song to help me remember each week. But it has taken me a year to memorize James 3-5. This method challenged me to take time, sit, relax and think. I could see how this method would be an effective tool for a speech that one would give in the near future.

I found it tough to totally relax beforehand, which made this method a little bit tougher for me to memorize. I will have to try again when my husband is home and able to watch the dog. I was sitting there with my eyes closed, and I could hear the dog rummaging around in the trash and in the kitchen. It definitely made it hard to completely relax. But I did my best to try.

I imagined my bedroom, since I know it so well. We do not have a lot a furniture, but that was okay for this activity. At the door, I imagined a cross for values, a report card for outcomes, a hand mixer for conventions, and a soccer ball for practices. For the second item on the list, I associated each of those words with a piece of furniture in my bedroom.

I repeated the process a few times, but I imagine if I were memorizing this for a speech or a exam, I would need to practice for a few days, possibly even a week!

Reflection on Project A

Overall, I felt like these trainings were very effective. The goals of each training were met and I appreciated the participants giving their time and their wiliness to learn. I loved having this opportunity to design something and present it to the staff. I used all of the suggestions that my client gave me accept one. He wanted me to remove my agenda slide. I felt like it was necessary to show what the training was about. I think the audience appreciated it as well. My peer reviews were helpful in clarifying what I meant. He was able to look at my project with new eyes and give me some solid advice to make my directions clearer.

I think this training could have been more effective if it was not broken into two parts. We designed it that way for the sake of time. Being the week before Spring Break, teachers are eager to wind down the week. I wish there had been at least one person who attended both parts, but unfortunately that did not happen. The trainings were meant to be experienced together for full effect. I think the second training was more effective than the first, because it gave the educators time to play with the apps and brainstorm ways they could implement them into their classroom. The first training was the more informative, data-driven training. While important, it’s hard to encourage engagement. If I were to lead this training in the future, I think I would like to do it all at one time. It could be held in the summer or during a campus professional development day.


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