Project A Reflection

I really enjoyed creating and implementing Project A. This was my second time to present to the members of my staff, but the first time that I delivered the instruction by myself. When I presented Peardeck, I worked with another teacher and we planned the instruction together. It was also only a 10-minute presentation, so this project was the first time I planned and implemented extended instruction.

I designed a two-part training over “Using iPads to Encourage Collaboration”. The first part of the training was presented during school hours. I presented over our school’s Clarity data and explained the importance of collaboration. We also brainstormed different ways we already use technology to collaborate. Several teachers were able to share different apps and ways to collaborate. I think that was a helpful to have that conversation and brainstorm together. Each teacher was able to share new ideas. Although necessary, I felt like this training was the weakest aspect of the design. It was hard to encourage interest because teachers were required to be there. They were thrilled to support me and my endeavors, but the information was a little boring.  I think I could have redesigned it to be more interactive, or maybe I should have presented the information in a new way.

The second part of the training was an after school optional session that the teachers could attend to collect district flex hours. I had only 4 teachers show up, but we had a great time! I really liked this part better than the first. I led the teachers to a Google Form that directed them to a certain Google Slide, depending on their interest. We had a blast trying out the different apps. We were able to brainstorm different ways we could use these iPad apps in our classrooms, all while using the apps together. I would have loved it if more educators could have stopped by, but it was the Thursday before Spring Break and most teachers are ready to get out of the school by then. I think this was the strongest part of the training. It was new information, engaging, and fun!

Overall, I felt like my instruction was effective. Looking back, I would have merged these two separate trainings into one training. I think I lost the interest in the first group, and they would have benefited from the second training. The second group missed out on the first training, so they may not understand the value of collaboration.

Looking forward to my next project, I want to design something that captures the students interest fully. This time, I will be designing a lesson to be used by the Texas History teachers on our campus. This digital escape room challenges the students to think critically and problem solve. I do not think I will have any issue with keeping their interest. I am really excited to tackle this next challenge. It is completely new technology to me, and so I know I will be challenged to think creatively.


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