Strengths and Weaknesses

Throughout this project, I stayed on task and was able to finish ahead of schedule. My main frustrations were with the limitations that Canvas has for its users. It did not have enough space to upload all of my video content, so I had to link to my Google Drive. I also did not care for the layout of the course, but once I was able to really start working in Canvas, my feelings have changed. It is still not my favorite LMS to use, but I do not hate it as much as I did at the beginning of this semester.

Since I currently teach Texas History, I had a lot of the material already created. I had to adapt it for a virtual audience, rather than a face to face class, but that has helped save me a ton of time in the creation of this course. The most time-consuming part was recording the lessons using the app Explain Everything.

I did not face too many technology challenges or “people” challenges (other than a crying newborn that demanded attention!). I could see how working with a content provider would cause delays in the design and challenges.

My strengths as a designer are creating content to put into each module. I love lesson design and being creative. To improve, I could research new technologies and implement them into my lessons rather than just using what I know and love.


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